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  • Live On-Site & Remote Captioning 

  • College & University Academic Classes 

  • Graduations throughout Massachusetts

  • High School Classes

  • State Government Events

  • Meetings Large & Small Board Meetings

  • City Council, Planning & Zoning Board,

  • Town Meetings, Select Board Finance Committee, Commissions

  • Court Proceedings | Depositions & Legal Proceedings

  • Medical & Legal Transcription

  • Self-Help Meetings 

  • Medical Appointments 

  • Training Seminars Awards Ceremonies  

About Me

Catherine has 38 years’ experience as a Court Reporter and 18 years providing Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART).  Catherine started out as Court Reporter working in Downtown Boston and still works as a freelance stenographer through some of the biggest agencies in MA.  In January 2024 she became an official court reporter at the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts.

Catherine prides herself on providing high-quality and effective communication access to all persons who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Late-deafened remotely or on-site, as well as providing professional Court Reporting Services by Stenographic means.  Catherine is certified by MCRA as a Certified Shorthand Reporter, NCRA as a Certified Realtime Captioner and Registered Professional Reporter.  


CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation)

CART is mostly provided one-on-one to a person with a hearing loss.  The CART Provider uses a stenotype machine to write the written word using a phonetic type of shorthand.  The spoken word is typed into the machine, and ​the steno text is translated through specialized software into English on a laptop screen. The person with hearing loss is able to participate fully by reading the proceedings rather than struggling to hear what is happening. The text font can be adjusted to the consumer’s preference to be as small or as big as they would like. The colors can be changed to the consumer’s preference as well.  Some color schemes include yellow text on a deep blue background, black on white, and white on black. There is the ability to have a file supplied to the consumer, but permission must be secured from all those involved in the event beforehand. CART is for the purposes of communication access only and is never to be considered an official record of any kind.

CART can be streamed live using a streaming service either in-room remotely or off-site remotely. The CART provider does everything as above, only this time a link is provided through a web-based service. The consumer uses their own internet enabled laptop, tablet, or iPhone and is able to click on the link and read the proceedings from their own device sitting where they are most comfortable in the room. This is a great benefit for the consumer as they are no longer tethered to the CART Provider.  The benefits to the CART Provider is now they can sit where it is most comfortable for them to hear and see the presenter.  This is an ideal situation for both provider and consumer.

The CART Provider has the capability to also use projection and a screen or hook up to a TV monitor for large audiences or work with a laptop one-on-one with a consumer.

     CART services within all Town Government have become very important.  Meetings such as those mentioned above, are now 100% accessible by having a CART Provider.  Not only do persons with hearing loss benefit from CART, the audience as a whole benefits. 

The benefits are endless and it enables everyone, whether they have a hearing loss or not, to participate fully.

    The CART landscape is evolving on a regular basis.  CART can be provided in a number of settings.  The above are just to name a few.  If you have any questions about how CART can be provided within your organization, please CONTACT Catherine.

James M. Caramanica, Esq.

I've been working with Cathy for years as a CPCS vendor.  Her work has been excellent.  She's always been prompt with turnaround time.  More importantly, when the all too often emergency turnaround job is needed, Cathy has always come through. --

Jessica C. Student

I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with Cathy as my CART reporter from my senior year of high school to all five years of college. She is not only an outstanding CART reporter, but also a wonderful and kind person. Cathy has always made sure that she has all the complex terms entered into the computer before coming to class. Additionally, she taken the time and care to make sure the transcripts are as accurate as possible, so I can take the appropriate notes. It is without a doubt that I highly recommend Cathy because she is an outstanding CART reporter. I am so grateful that I was able to put my full trust into her. 

Sandy Spekman, President,

Hearing Loss Association of America

Plymouth Chapter

Cathy went out of her way to provide CART for several HLAA meetings.  She can be counted upon to do the job with the professionalism, meeting all requirements and standards.  She put in her time, energy, and talent that made each event with CART successful.  You can count on Cathy!

Katherine Button, Unity Breakfast

What a pleasure to work with Cathy Zelinski for Watertown's Unity Breakfast!  Since 2016, I have collaborated with Cathy for the World in Watertown's signature event, held the past twenty years on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  CART services help not just the hearing impaired. English-language learners appreciate the combination of written text along with the spoken word.



Juliet Perrell,  Actor & Writer   

Cathy was one of the best parts of my time at Emerson. As someone with two cochlear implants, hearing was always something I had to work at, however, with Cathy, she made my experience immensely easier. She always made sure that I had all the notes and checked in with me before and after each class. Not to mention, she is a kind, warm, and lovely presence, and I truly looked forward to seeing her in class everyday! We were quite the team."

Jessica Doonan, Chief of Staff
Mayor's Commission for Persons with Disabilities

"Catherine is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is prompt, thorough and clearly cares about the work she does and the population it serves. Over the years our office has worked with Catherine on many jobs. While many of our jobs are standard presentations of community forums, Catherine has worked with us to problem solve when we have had more complex outdoor jobs such as our ADA Day celebration in the blistering heat in July and Our Christmas Tree Lighting celebration in frozen December.  I cannot recommend Catherine enough and am happy to answer any question you may have!"




We look forward to hearing from you

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